8 jun. 2011

Fabric Swap

Do you have spare pieces of fabric you don't know what to do with? Now you have the chance to swap those fabrics and get 200 new pieces!!

The Sassy Crafter is hosting an I-spy Fabric Swaps in her blog!
All you have to do is visit her POST, read the rules and leave her a message letting her know you want to enter this great fabric swap.

Look how many interesting project you could make with 200 new pieces of fabric!!!
This fabric wreath by Betz White
This Wrist Cuff by JCasa 
 This amazing cushion cover by Cluck Cluck Sew

 This cute fabric flowers by made

This soft book by Thimbly things

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Kristy dijo...

What a great collection of ideas! Thanks for gathering them and sharing!

Fiona dijo...

Qué lindo post!!! Me encanta todo este hermoso colorido!!! Las fotos están llenas de inspiración!!
Saludos y buen fin de semana!!

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