12 abr. 2010

White pleated shoes

Zapatos blancos con costuras al frente y detalle en fieltro rosado con botón forrado en tela.

White shoes with sew seams in front and detail in pink felt with wrapped button.

Sapatos brancos com costuras na frente e detalhe em tecido de feltro rosa com botão forrado em tecido.

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Tami dijo...

Do you have a pattern or tutorial for these? I love them!!!! I like that they do not have and exposed seam in the back like most fabric baby shoes do! Awesome!

Cecilia dijo...

I never made the pattern for this shoes, or any shoes, I just used a basic shoes patter and modified it a little but never did a real pattern. I will try to work on it as soon as I have time (I hope that is soon!) and get back to you.

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