4 may. 2010

Terry cloth Bib with sleeves

- Fabric
- Waterproof fabric (some material that doesn't allow the water (or any liquid) go through it to the other side)
- Towel fabric
- Elastic 1/4 to 2/5 inches width (2 pieces of 5 inches each)
- Thread
- Sewing machine
- Safety pins

1. Cut the pieces according to the pattern. The result will be:
- 2 sleeves
- 1 towel fabric front piece
- 1 impermeable fabric front piece for the inside
- 1 rectangle of fabric of 47 x 1.4 inches (bias tape for the edges)
- 1 rectangle of fabric of 24 x 1.4 inches (bias tape for the neck and ties to tie)

2. Place the towel piece over a table, right side up, then place one sleeve, right sides together, and then place the impermeable fabric piece, wrong side of the sleeve and right side of the impermeable piece togther (see image next).

Do the same with the other sleeve.

3. Sew with straight stitch both sides, reinforce with a zig-zag. Turn it right side out so that the sewing is inside between both pieces of the body.

4. Align the sleeve and sew with straight stitch from wrist to armpit.

5. Take the rectangles of fabric and make 2 bias tape. For the long one you don't need to do a nice finishing on the ends. But you will need to do that for the short one since it will be used to tie the bib on the neck. You can do it like this:

Cut a V shape on the ends.

Fold and iron both tips

Fold one side over and iron

Fold the other side and iron

Fold on the middle and iron.

6. Sew the longest bias tape all around the edges of the bib except in the neck. Place together bias tape and body (tela de toalla + tela impermeable), right sides together, align the edges, sew with a straight stitch. Make short cuts in the excess fabric at the rounded areas.

7. Then fold the bias tape inwards....

... and sew along the edge.

8. Sew the short bias tape along the neck, very similar to points 5 and 6 except that in this case you must remember to leave some of the bias tape to make the strips to tie the bib around the neck.
Fold the bias tape in half and mark, also mark the middle point in the neck in the pieces of the body. Starting on the marks made earlier put together the bias tape and the body, right sides together, align the edges and sew with a straight stitch. Then fold the bias tape inwards and sew along the edge.

9. With the sleeves wrong side out. Fold the wrist 1/4 inches down and then 2/4 inches down again.

10. Sew along the bottom with straight stitch, leaving a 3/4 inches opening.

11. Attach a safety pin on one side of the elastic and pass it trough the opening all along the wrist until you reach the opening again. When you work with short pieces of elastic you may want to attach the other end of it to the fabric.

12. Pull both ends of the elastic, Overlap the ends and sew with a zig-zag stitch.

13. Close the opening with a straight stitch.


Here is the pattern

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