8 oct. 2010

My baby girl turned 2!

My little girl turned 2 last September 30 and we had a party last Sunday!
This year the theme was just a typical Birthday Party; with cone hats, colorful cake, garlands and balloons. I made the whole decoration by myself and I wanted to make some more stuff but I didn't have the time, so here you have the pictures!

I've made a "Feliz cumpleaños" (Happy birthday) garland with cardboard, ribbons and melted fabric flowers.

I covered the cake with a white fondant and I used the same fondant to make red, orange, blue, violet, green, sky blue, yellow and pink flowers. Given that I don't have much experience with cakes, cakes decoration and even less fondant I would say it didn't go so bad.

I made triangle flags garlands with a some a cheap fabric used specially for decoration. I also used that fabric to make the table cloths.

The cone hats were made with cardboard and decorated with tissue paper (check the tutorial here).

The table for the cake was decorated with colorful circles made of silk paper and melted fabric flowers (of course!), the cone hats, candies and giveaways were placed there also.

The giveaways were magnets with the picture of Sophia printed on it.

The giveaways for the children were boxes with tissue paper filled with candies and lollipops.

And Sophia wore the pleated top dress I made from one of my patterns.

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Karisa dijo...

Wow I wish my birthday parties had been like this! It looks like a lot of fun, and i especially love your homemade garland. Thanks so much for posting this in our blog hop. I'm excited to see what you post next month :)

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