26 nov. 2010

Etsy: New product

I've a new product in my Etsy shop! Little Lady dress.

This is a cute, fancy and comfortable dress.
The rounded neck is buttoned on both sides which makes it easy to put on. You can wear it with or without the elastic belt; you can use the belt to add a nice touch to this dress and then remove it to make it more comfortable for restless toddlers.

See more pictures below!

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Emily dijo...


Free Gal dijo...

I love this! I also love that felt hamburger. I really like your site--it is giving me ideas for when I get back to sewing in January!

I am looking for frugal guest posts. :)

The Frugal Free Gal

Laurie Harrison dijo...


Following from Fun Friday
Hope you can stop by.


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