10 nov. 2010

Wall decoration for Sophia's bedroom

I'm back from our vacations and anxious for update this blog.... while I still have time!

One of my projects right now is the decoration of my house, we have moved to our new apartment about 2 months ago and it still looks like we moved one week ago, I still have to buy some furniture, get some paintings for the walls and decorate here and there to give the place a home look.
My priority is of course my little girl bedroom, I wanted to make some vinyl decoration on the walls, I had seen some really nice vinyl trees with birds and flowers that I loved. But I wasn't sure about which was the best type of vilyl to make this, I was told that regular vinyl start to peel off the wall, so... I grabbed some foam, cut the shapes and stuck them to the wall using double sided tape, and this is what I've got by now... I sill have to work on the flowers, I have some owls to make but at least this unfinished tree already puts some color on Sophia's bedroom.

I'll post more pictures once it is finished.

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Nancy dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

The design is absolutely gorgeous!:)New follower from Wednesday Blog Hop!:)


Mrs. Sassy Crafter dijo...

Very nice Cecilia! I love it =)

Grandma Sez So dijo...

I'm following you. Follow back, please?
New blogger needs some love. Thanks.
That is really cute!
Lucky girl!

Jodi dijo...

Love the wall design - that is wonderful!

I am a new follower of yours from today's blog hop.

Please stop by and follow back when you get a chance. :-)

Have a great night!


Lovely Little Ladies dijo...

Hello I'm your new follower! This is really cute!!



Kirsten dijo...

Thank you for participating in the blog hop! Your craft is great. We also wanted to let you know that your project will be featured in a special "Blog Hop Recap" newsletter that will mail on the 24th. Thanks again!

Editor, FaveCrafts

Coleen dijo...

Hi Cecelia,

Lot the tree, such a cute idea. I'm following here and hope you'll follow me as well. Blessings,

Coleen in Ukraine

Coleen dijo...

Love the tree, such a cute idea. Following now, hope you'll follow back. I'm a crafty sort too.

Blessings, Coleen, an American in Ukraine

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