18 dic. 2010

30 minutes shorts

The hot days are finally here and Sophia doesn't fit on almost any of her summer clothes. So yesterday I made some shorts out of the pattern Simple 30 minutes shorts II.

You may find this pattern in my Etsy shop.

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Mrs. Sassy Crafter dijo...

They both look so cute! I might have to wait until the end of May to make some shorts, here is freezing cold, this morning was -10 C, and it's just gonna get colder and colder....bbbbrrrrrrrr!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!! =)

Dania dijo...

I was stopping by from the weekend blog hop, and I love your blog. The little boys shirt would be perfect for my boys :-)

Hope you can come by my blog soon. It's new but I have several of my crafts up already.

Have a great weekend.

Closer to Lucy dijo...

very cute! can't believe just 30 minutes!!!

Out for a weekend hop! come by lucy's when you get a chance.


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