26 feb. 2011

Sophia Dress - Photo Shoot

We had a photo shoot today with Sophia modeling some of dresses I've made; Sophia Dress, Katrina Dress and a new one is coming soon that doesn't have a name yet ;)

I still have to practice my shoots with my new camera, well... not that new I have it since September, but I haven't had time to try it, first I HAVE TO read the user manual :(  so boring! I'll get into it sometime before the end of this... year? ok month...

The first pictures will be for Sophia Dress. A classic dress, with a simple bodice buttoned at the back and a wide circular skirt. My girl loves dancing like a ballerina every time she wears that dress.

You will find the e-pattern for this dress here.

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LI SIAN dijo...

Very nice the pictures. Cute little girl!

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