11 mar. 2011

Donation to Dress A Girl Around the World

Do you remember I announced I would donate the 50% of the revenue of my shop during this week to the organization Dress A Girl Around the World?
I've got 118 USD until now. Thank you every one of you that purchased at So Tei-Tei's Etsy shop, you are also helping this organization!! It will last until next Sunday so there are still 2 more days! Do you feel like sewing this weekend??? So visit my shop and get your patterns!!
Don't forget to sew some pillow case dresses and send them to Little Big Girl Studio to participate on a great giveaway!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Vanessa dijo...

Wow!That is fantastic and really exciting!!

EverythingIveGot dijo...

That's wonderful!!

Suzanne dijo...

Thank you sew much for what you are doing for Dress A Girl Around the World!! You are helping to give many little girls lifetime memories of someone who cares!!!

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