9 ago. 2011

Baby Shoes

I have had some busy weeks around here, I am working from home now so I can stay with my daughter a little more, but it looks like days are even shorter than before! I try to manage between work, sewing, spend some time with Sophia and well.... living... so not much time for blogging.
I have been sewing a lot lately, some new sewing patters are coming, but I have been working mainly in winter and school clothes for Sophia, some toys or clothes for toys, specifically clothes for Barbie and other 10 cm tall dolls, do you have an idea how hard is sewing for those skinny tiny dolls? But now the 10 cm dolls has kinder garden clothes and the Barbie has a mermaid costume. Oh yes! We are in mermaid time around here, "we" (reads my almost 3 years old Sophia) have been watching The Little Mermaid a lot, as well as The Little Mermaid 2 and Barbie in a Mermaid Tale and of course after that she wanted to be a mermaid too, so mommy made her a mermaid tail, it went quite good and she still can walk tiny steps, I will be posting about it in the next days.

One year ago almost around this time of the year, I was crazy about sewing baby shoes; see here, here, here... I just love tiny baby stuff, specially shoes.
I made the patterns for those shoes myself from a basic fabric shoes' pattern that I downloaded somewhere I don't remember right now. But this time I got some sewing patterns from people that really knows about the topic; Sweet Pea Patterns and Lena's Patterns, they have lots of gorgeous patterns for baby shoes and baby stuff.

I made these shoes from Bella Baby Crib pattern.

And these from Retro Baby Sneakers pattern.

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Jen@thecraftingfiend dijo...

I made my girl a mermaid doll for her birthday! pattern and tutorial on my blog. I haven't tried shoes yet they kind of intimidate me- yours look so cute and professional!

Margarida dijo...

Muy lindos los "baby shoes". Cecília, muchas gracias por su visita y cariño em mi blog. Perdón por mi "portunhol" = português y espanhol (como hablamos aqui em Brasil cuando no se habla bien español). Besos, Margarida

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