6 oct. 2011

Sophia is 3!

Last Friday 30th September my little daughter Sophia turned 3 years old. We had a big party with family and friends.

I made all the decorations, dress, cake, cupcakes by myself.

I made an special garland for this year, with her name and Hello Kitty, I cut all the pieces using my Silhouette, so much better this year that I have this awesome tool! Last year I had to cut each letter by hand (pictures here).

I used some colorful garlands I had from last year, those brought a lot of color to the place. I also simulate helio balloons by placing a double sided tape at the  top of the balloon and stick them to the ceiling :) brilliant idea because everyone thought that were actual helio balloons... well... at least until they tried to catch them :D

The food, specially the sweet stuff was a challenge! I had been practicing cake, cupcake and cookies baking and decoration for the last month, but I still have a lot to learn about that. Last year I told myself I would learn cake decoration for the her next birthday party but a whole year passed and I didn't find the time for that. So it will be my challenge for next year and it is already in my TO-DO list: Cake, cupcakes and cookies baking & decoration.

So here is the cake, the topper was made of biscuit, it was the one I made for her 1st birthday (here) when Hello Kitty was my choice and not hers. This year she made things a little easier for me by choosing the same theme.


The cupcakes were filled with strawberry sauce and others with chocolate drops. Decorated with Italian meringue that I mixed with food color. I made come cupcake toppers with scallop and round shapes I cut with my dear silhouette. I also use to cut some cupcake wrappers (scalloped_polka_dot_cupcake_wrapper_C00200_21585).

The cake table was decorated with marshmallows, cupcakes and brochettes made with marshmallows. Each brochette was wrapped with a cellophane bag and had a Hello Kitty at the top that was also cut with Silhouette using I shape I made myself.

I made a magnet with her picture to give the guests as a souvenir. And a big candy style box full of sweets. I used a toilet paper roll, covered with a nice wrapping paper, more wrapping paper in the inside, I filled the tube with sweets and closed both sides with envelope ribbon.


For her dress I used my last sewing pattern Birthday Party Dress. I was exited about her wearing this dress on her special day, but she had to wear a light jacket all the time because it is still a little cold here, and a pair of white pantyhose.

Anf finally a picture of the happy girl on her big day.

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Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) dijo...

Cecilia everything looks so pretty!!!! =0)

Mama Lusco dijo...

It looks like a wonderful party for a beautiful girl! Excellent work!

Cecilia dijo...

Thank you girls!
She was so exited about her party. Now she wants to turn 4 right now just to have another Birthday Party and she already knows she wants a Princess Party. Isn't it great? I already have the theme to start working with plenty of time ha ha.

Maria dijo...

Debió de ser una fiesta preciosa! Sophia está guapísima con su vestido. Felicidades!

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