13 dic. 2011

Party Dresses 2 in 1

1 month ago we had a party and I made a new party dress for Sophia. A classic high waist bubble dress made out of pink satin, with a big black sash and bow made out of gauze and a flower that combines both fabrics.

And 2 weeks ago we had another party and I didn't have the time to work on a new dress. So I came up with an overhauling of the previous dress. For the puffed effect; I just took the outer layer of the skirt, pulled it up and hand stitched to the lining, I repeated this step several times until I got the desired effect.

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Kristy dijo...

That is so beautiful! Made it look like an entirely different dress and I bet your sweet girl felt like a princess!!!

Maria dijo...

Que idea tan buena! y el vestido es precioso.. de las dos formas!

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