18 ene. 2012

Birthday Party Decoration: Butterflies

I am working on one of my favourite projects; Birthday Party Decoration!

It's one of my niece's 1st birthday party next month, and I'm in charge of the decoration :) Her mother decided she wanted butterflies as the theme of the party, so I have been picking ideas here and there.

This is what I've got so far...

I used my Silhouette to cut some shapes. I used the shape "basket_butterfly_2_C00588_19210" for the candy baskets, "butterfly_valentine_C00931_20508" for the lollipops and "2d_cutout_butterfly_1_C00743_21585", "3d_cutout_betterfly_2_C00744_21585", "3d_cutout_butterfly_4_C00746_21585" and "3d_cutout_buttterfly_3_C00745_21585" for the 3D butterflies that will be decorating the tables.

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Maria dijo...

Quedará una decoración preciosa! Seguro que a tu sobrina le va a encantar.

florists Dublin dijo...

Lovely picture. For birthdays parties it is very nice concept. Mostly children like it.

Cyndi S dijo...

Very pretty. Love the butterflies.

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