18 abr. 2012

Haute Couture for Barbie dolls

My 3 and a half years old daughter is getting more and more interested about Barbie, she has seen all the movies... dozens of times! And now she is not as interested in the movies anymore as she is in dolls and long, beautiful, shinny party dresses. The problem is that here, dolls clothes is crappy, the fabric used is horrible quality, the edges are not finished and they use a long seam so it the fabric reveals easily, the straps break the first day palying with it, etc.. etc... So I took some scraps of fabric and made some dresses, I though it would be a lot of work sewing for such tiny bodies but it was not that hard and it was fun!! It was like a dream come true designing and sewing fancy party dresses :)  I will have to look for my book with the designs that I used to draft when I was younger and take some ideas from there.

Well here is the result... Barbie and her friends with their new party dresses.

The first one was made out of strong pink chiffon. It has a circular skirt, I finished the edges with a small zig-zag stitch. The bodice is lined so I attached the strap there, I made 2 small darts for the tiny waist and it closes at the back with velcro. The straps are around the waist and tied at the back but they can also go around the neck, etc.. here is where the creativity of my little girl takes place...

The second is an alter-neck dress made out of sky-blue chiffon, a long piece of fabric with one of the ends wider than the other. The bodice is lined, has a slight hearth shape curve at the front and it closes at the back with velcro. The back has a V shape style. The strap is a piece of ribbon and another piece of ribbon is around the waist with a big bow.

For the third one I used yellow lame, it's a classic dress with wide skirt gathered at the waist, simple bodice closed at the back with velcro and thin straps.

Sophia loved the dresses, she was so happy when she came back from kindergarten and found her dolls with the dress. Now she asked me for a wedding dress and mermaid dress.

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Maria dijo...

Que vestidos tan bonitos, y cuanta paciencia! a mi lo de coser cosas tan pequeñas me acaba poniendo nerviosa. Quizá algun día lo intente de nuevo porque a mi hija le encantaría tener unos vestidos tan preciosos para sus muñecas.

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