25 nov. 2013

Designer's Challenge

Did you hear about the Designer's Challenge? I may be a little too late because this challenge actually started a week ago, but you know.. it's better late than never!! So here it is you you should know about it!

So, here is the thing.. During 1 month, actually from Nov 15th to December 18th your favorite designers will be releasing a new pattern! Pattern Revolution will be featuring each designer so make sure you check Pattern Revolution's blog or Facebook page every day for the latest new release along with a daily pattern giveaway. Then when we've wrapped up the series, one lucky winner will take home the entire collection of patterns from the Designer's Challenge! 

Here some adorable sewing patterns that have been released already!


 And look this is SO CUTE!!

And of course Lily Bird Studio is releasing a pattern too! Here is a sneak peak!!

Stay tuned! Don't miss this awesome challenge!


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