23 mar 2011

Tutorial: Stuffed Owl

Finally I have finished the pattern and instructions to make this stuffed toy.
For the owls in the pictures below I have used corduroy for the body, cotton for the wings and felt for eyes, beak and feet. But you can use any kind of fabric of your choice.

You will need:
- approximately 8 x 12 inches of fabric
- scraps of fabric for the wings, feet, beak and eyes (I recommend to you felt for the feet since you don't need to finish the edges)
- 2 buttons
- thread
- needle
- sewing machine
Click here to download the free pattern. Print the pattern and cut the pieces along the full lines.

Cut the pieces:
Use the pattern to cut the pieces. Next you have the diagram for 2 slightly different owls, the first one with one eye bigger than the other, I think this option looks kind of cute when finished. The second one has both eyes the same size.


Set your machine to a short zig-zag.

1. Take both pieces for each eye together, sew along the edge to attach the smaller piece to the bigger piece. Repeat this step to make the other eye.

2. Place the eyes over the body and sew along the edge.

3. Sew one button on each eye.

4. Attach the beak, wings and feet.

Now set your sewing machine to a regular straight stitch.

5. Take both pieces for the body right sides facing. Sew along the edge leaving an opening at the bottom (as shown by the dotted lines in the pattern). Clip cut the seam allowance in the curved edges (it will make it look better when to turn it right side out).


6. Turn the owl right side out.

7. Stuff the owl with cotton or any other material. 

8. Slip stitch to close the opening, you can use the sewing machine as well, but I think slip stitching looks better.


Enjoy your new handmade little buddy!!!

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LI SIAN dijo...

Ooowwww......This is just too adorable. Great gift for little children. Thanks for the tutorial.

EverythingIveGot dijo...

Soo cute! I love the googly eyed owl!! (one bigger than the other) I may just make one of these for a birthday present we need soon!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Cecilia,

Love your little owl tutorial and posted it on Craft Gossip Felting, please stop by and visit. We are also having an auction to help Japan so check out all the goodies we have :) here is the link to your post: http://felting.craftgossip.com/2011/04/02/free-stuffed-owl-tutorial/

ana @ i made it so dijo...

very cute!! there really is nothing quite like a handmade, homemade toy. very sweet.

Bonnie dijo...

so very cute! Can't wait to make a few for grandkids!

Elegantpaws dijo...

So adorable! thank you for sharing, who doesn't love owls? xx

gigi123 dijo...

Simply cute & crafty!

happy Easter!

Bird dijo...

Sooooo into birdies!! people don't often think of owls as birds.. hehe

Yours are AMAZING!!

New follower here and thanks for the kind words!

Krista dijo...

Too cute! Thank you for sharing! I'm posting a link on my blog: www.momsmishmash.blogspot.com

Lou dijo...

So sweet...love the little yellow feet. Thanks for sharing the owl-love.

Anónimo dijo...

esto es muy lindo! i most do this! gracias

Beth dijo...

Thanks for the pattern! I just successfully completed my first of many cute owls!

Unknown dijo...

these are adorable!

lamomo dijo...

merci beaucoup pour le tuto....
ces chouettes sont superbes!!!!!!!

Unknown dijo...

Thanks for the pattern, adorable!!

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