27 nov. 2010

Tutorial: Christmas tree decoration

Some months ago I learned to make this Christmas tree decorations and I wanted to share with you.

You will need:

- styrofoam balls
- scraps of fabric
- cutter or scissors
- regular thread
- pen
- ribbons and gold cord

How to make them

1. Take 1 styrofoam ball. Mark the point at the top and bottom. Circle the ball with the thread using the top and bottom points as a reference. Use a pen to mark the line.

2. Remove the thread and repeat the previous step to make 2 more lines around the ball. So that the ball is divided in 6 sections.

3. Using the cutter or scissors make a cut a slit (just a few millimeters deep) following the lines.

4. Cut the fabric as directed in the pattern (the size of the pieces of fabric will depend on the size of the ball so make sure you enlarge or shrink the pattern as you need)

5. Use the dull knife to press the edges of the fabric into the ball.

6. Add the rest of the piece until complete the ball.

7. Take a piece of ribbon (long enough to circle the ball 3 times). Fold the ribbon in half and mark the middle point. Hot glue the middle of the ribbon to the bottom of the ball. Circle the ball with the ribbon to cover one slit.

8. When you reach the top, turn the ball and repeat the process to the next slit.

9. When you reach the bottom, turn the ball again and cover the last slit.

10. When you reach the top cut the excess of ribbon and hot glue to fix in place.

11. Add a gold cord to hang. You can sew it or slip it under the ribbon before you hot glue it to the top of the ball.

You can use whatever you like to cover the slits, in the example next I've used a single ribbon, two ribbons together and a ribbon with a gold cord.


You can use this pattern to cut the pieces of fabric.

Read before use:
- This pattern only works if you divide the ball into 6 sections.
- You may need to enlarge or shrink the pattern depending on the size of the stylofoam ball.
- Before you cut the fabric; I recommend you to check that the size and shape is correct for the sections in the ball you chose.

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