1 feb. 2011

Fabric flower week day #2

This flower is very easy to make and very similar to the one I posted yesterday.
I made this flower out of gauze and hot glued to a hairband, I also hot glued a piece of felt at the back to secure the hairband and have it a better finishing.

How to make it:

1. Cut a 10 x 1.5 inches strip of gauze (gauze can be ripped, it gives a nice finishing)
2. Use needle an thread to make long stitches along the (not the ripped edge, leave that one for the outside)
4. Pull the thread to gather the fabric
5. Start from one end, overlap the fabric to form an espiral
6. Stitch to secure in place and sew or hot glue a button in the center

4 comentarios:

Sandra dijo...

Muy bonito! Y el vestido para Sophia es precioso.

LI SIAN dijo...

Very sweet....

Karisa dijo...

Thanks for hopping with FaveCrafts! Your fabric flowers are GORGEOUS. I'd love to publish them on FaveCrafts--let me know if you're interested :) Can't wait to see what you post in next month's hop!

Cecilia dijo...

Thank you everyone!
Karisa I would love you to publish this tutorial on FaveCrafts! You can publish this or any other tutorial from my blog. See here

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