29 ago. 2011

Coming soon to Lily Bird Studio... Emma's Dress

I hope you are having a great week.

Just wanted to share with your some pictures of the project I am working on right now; a new sewing pattern. Emma's dress. It will be available hopefully next week.
I am also working on the mermaid pattern and tutorial that I want to share with you here in my blog, but I had this dress in my mind for a while and I had to start working on it today :D

Pictures below! I hope you like it! And even more important I hope you get inspired to sew :D



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**Dama Nilo** dijo...

Precioso vestido!!! Me ENCANTA!!! MUY LINDOS los colores y el diseño!!!


**Dama Nilo**

Kristy dijo...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the little details! Great work!

Maria dijo...

el vestido es precioso!

Bertha dijo...

Hola Cecilia!

Veo que cada día te superas...que cosas más bonitas y que vestido más elegante.Felicidades por ese arte!!!

Feliz fín de semana abrazos.

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