2 sept. 2011

Finding and Envelope pillowcase tutorial

Last week I went to the supermarket and found they were selling bedsheets per kilogram. That was new for me! Excellent quality Brazilian cotton bedsheets for a quite low price.

My girl's bed is a custom made bed size that I got from my mom's house, so it is not a single bed but is not a double bed either; so single bedsheets will not work, I can either make the sheets myself but I still didn't find cotton fabric here, all what I can find is synthetic fabric specially for bedding. Or I have to get double size bedsheets and cut the top sheet, this way I end up paying a high price for quality bedsheets, re-shaping to make the top sheet fit this bed and "throwing" (well.. that is just a way to say, because I don't throw away even a little scrap of fabric) the rest of the fabric and the extra pillowcase. So I liked this option! I got 2 double size bedsheets; the bottom sheet with elastic and the top sheet which I cut to make it smaller and use the extra fabric to make a pillowcase.

I took some pictures to share a tutorial with you... but while I was looking the correct name for the envelope pillowcase I found a great tutorial from About Sewing, I love the tutorial from that site they are always so clear and useful. So, there is no need to re-do the wheel right? Go here to see the step by step tutorial.

Here is the picture of the finished pillowcase, I loved the color. I also put some butterflies that I cut with my Silhouette on flocked heat transfer material.

The code for this butterfly is "butterfly_C0122" and the colors of the flocked material are Pink and Purple.

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