18 feb. 2012

Auction benefiting Ashley from Lil Blue Boo

Do you know Lil Blue Boo? If you don't you should visit now. Lil Blue Boo is an awesome blog full of amazing craft ideas and tutorials, it is also a shop that sells unique clothing for babies and girls. Ashley the owner is facing a hard moment in her life, she recently lost her father, had a miscarriage, went though an unexpected hysterectomy when she almost died and later she learned she had cancer. You can read a resume here at Evys Tree, or you can directly visit her blog Lil Blue Boo where she shares her memories on this journey, she is facing this moment so brave and strong that you should really read her, she is an inspiration on how to put positive energy even to the worst times.

Cancer treatment can be very expensive, so a group of friends created the Team Ashley and they are working to raise funds to help her and her family to face this moment.

Right now they are working on an auction that will take place next February 27 to 29. But like I said you can read more about it here.

You can help Ashely. Just spread the work on your blog, place a button on your side bar, mention on twitter or facebook, eveything works. And do not forget to visit the auction you may find really interesting stuff there.

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