15 feb. 2012

Butterflies the tutorial

The tutorial teaching to make the butterflies is finally here, you can use it to make little butterflies or even make big wings for your child (although you will need to make some changes in the assembly for that)

You will need:
- thin wire
- torn pantyhose
- thread
- optional: glue, color glue, glitter, distress ink, fabric ink, etc..

How to make them:
1. Take some wire and make 2 big rings and 2 small rings (about 1/2 inch smaller than the other 2 rings). You can use a small bottle as a mold to get a better shape.

2. Strain the rings to a wing shape.

3. Cut a small piece of pantyhose, about the size of the wing you are going to cover. Cover the wing stretching the piece of pantyhose and firmly tie with thread. Cover all 4 wings

4. Take both small wings and tie together.
5. Take both big wings and place the small wings between them. So small wings get sandwiched between both big wings. Tie firmly using thread.

6.  Open the wings. You might need to reshape the wings a little bit.

 7. Paint as you like. You can use color and/or 3D glue, glitter, distress ink, etc..

They are really easy to make, just try them when you have the chance!

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Maria dijo...

qué bonitas! y por lo que se ve en el tutorial no son nada difíciles.

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