11 mar. 2013

Faux leather embelishments

Some time ago I started to make faux leather embellishments for my purses, keys,etc. They are made of faux leather, scraps of colorfull fabrics and cottons or acrylic stuffing. They are very easy to make and you have lots of possibilities.


-  2 pieces of faux leather (approx. 4”x3” )

-  1 piece of fabric  (approx. 2”x2” )

-  1 piece of thick interfacing  (approx. 4”x3” )

-  Thread of contrasting color

-  Scissors


1. Copy the pattern to the wrong side of one piece of faux leather.

2. Lay the piece of faux leather over the piece of interfacing and use a pencil to draft the circle on the interfacing.

3. Turn the interfacing with the drafted circle facing down.  Lay the fabric over the interfacing right side facing up. Make sure that the fabric covers the interfacing, or at least all the surface of the circle. Take the interfacing + fabric to your sewing machine, with the fabric down and the interfacing up. Sew around the circle, slightly on the outside of the circle. Leave an opening of ½ inch.

4. Use a wood stick or any other thin object to push some stuffing into the circle.

5. Take to the sewing machine this time with the fabric facing up. Sew to close the opening.


6.  Lay the shape of faux leather over the interfacing + fabric. Align the hole in the faux leather shape with the stuffed circle of fabric.


7. Set your sewing machine to a longs stitch (I use 3.0 to 4.0). Sew several random lines of stitches; first sew around the hole and then whenever you want. Do not sew too close to the edge, leave that seam for the next step.

8.  Lay the previous piece over the other piece of leather and sew both pieces together along the edge.

9.  Trim the excess of interfacing, fabric and faux leather.

10.  Make a hole and tie a ribbon, cord, etc.

You are done!

I drafted some designs that you can print and use to cut your embellishments. Just right click on the picture below and "Save as...".


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Maria dijo...

que bonitos! me gustaría probar de hcer uno. Usas un pie especial para coser sobre la piel sintética?

Cecilia dijo...

Hola Maria!
no, en realidad yo uso el pie común. Hay ciertos cueros con los que el pie se tranca un poco, si notas esto entonces puedes usar un papel entre el cuero y el pie y coser a travez del mismo.

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